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Although membership to the AIEA is for agencies only, communicating and interacting with our suppliers is an essential part of what we do.

Engaging With Suppliers

The Alliance Members highly value supplier relationships and we have a number of ways in which suppliers can actively engage directly with members. We hold a number of events throughout the year, some of which are open to suppliers. Details of these are published regularly on our Events Page. Our three key annual events are The AIEA Awards where we invite suppliers to vote for members in a tongue in cheek manner, our Summer event and our annual Christmas event for Charity.

We also host a number of smaller regional ad-hoc events during the year, and as part of new initiative introduced in September 2020 a monthly virtual ‘Super Supplier Day’ which enables three suppliers to join members for 45 minutes to an hour online. We ask that you provide either a virtual show-round, a quiz or other fun but educational experience for members, rather than a standard ppt presentation. This is completely free but we do ask that you donate a prize to entice members along. To register your interest please email

Boosting Your Business

We welcome initiatives from Suppliers and have several in place which enable members to benefit from enhanced commission. These are always mutually beneficial as they guarantee appointments and engagement, helping to strengthen your market presence and relationship with our members. Any agreements also ensure you get priority access to our events and promotion on our Members only area of the AIEA website. For further information, please contact

Apply For AIEA Supplier Status

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